***** Liu's Acupuncture and Massage is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars, based on 6 reviews!

  • *****

    Very professional, empathetic massage. Squeeky clean rooms. An honest business focusing on healthy therapy. I used to go to their old location on 10th Street - this is a newer venue between Broadway and Franklin. I have been massaged by Lily and recently Mindy.

    Parking Hint: First visit I parked in Oakland garage between 9th and 10th on Franklin, they partially validate if you ask. Second visit I easily parked on street on Sunday evening.

    Also should I ever select Chinese Acupuncture and the like, I would not hesitate to come here.

  • *****

    Visited Oakland and came upon Liu's Accupuncture.
    Had a wonderful massage by Jenny. She worked very hard on helping me take out tension knots built in my back.
    Highly recommend Liu and Jenny as both are very professional and kind.

  • *****

    I have had wonderful experiences here with acupuncture, massage, and consultation. Dr. Liu and her team helped me with a bunch of issues affecting me and I highly recommend. I have felt very helped by Jenny's massage techniques and while it's a very intense massage I get a lot of benefit. The other massage therapist I had was also super effective.

  • *****

    I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Liu and her team. I have a very demanding daily ashtanga yoga practice while having a full-time job. For the past 2-3 years, I've had a lot of back, neck and shoulder issues. So whenever my body is out of wack due to my yoga practice or the pressures of daily life the first thing I do is book an appointment with Dr. Liu.

    Treatments range from acupuncture with or without electricity, moxibustion, cupping, acupressure and Gua Sha! I always leave feeling renewed.

    Dr. Liu recently moved to a new space that is a lot nicer than her old one. It is located on a first floor and accessed right from the street.

    If you need acupressure massage and Gua Sha I recommend you book an appointment with Mindy. She is an excellent healer. She might even sing to you while she works.

    Mindy does not speak English, so just make sure you tell Dr. Liu exactly what your problem is and she will communicate that to Mindy. I have never had acupressure massage before but now I go at least once a month to reset my body. She is the real deal.

  • *****

    Wonderful, skilled, intuitive therapeutic massage. I would recommend this for a healthy escape from stress, and for any pain management. I tend to review a business when I feel my expectations were exceeded.